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LTW Prayer Calendar / December December 10 / Bosniaks
Population: 3,178,000
Hub: Bosnia
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.02%
Resources: NT, JF
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 60
Description: Bosnian Muslims are a subgroup of the Serbo-Croatian cluster. They are the descendants of Slavic settlers which intermarried with the Illyrian tribes inhabiting the region. Recent hostilities between Serbs, Croats and Bosnians have led to sharper ethnic distinctions betwen the three groups.

Prayer Points:
• The slaughter of many thousands of Bosnian Muslims by Serbian “Christians” has been a major setback for the gospel. Pray for sensitive witness with Christ’s love to heal the brokenhearted and reconcile the divided.
• There are still many refugee communities of Bosnian Muslims in surrounding countries that are unreached. Pray that local believers may catch a vision for bringing them the gospel.
• Several mission agencies are working together to mass-distribute the Bible among Bosnian Muslims. Pray that it might be well received in every town and village, and for protection from radical groups that may seek to prevent or disrupt its distribution.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, strengthen and protect those whom you have called to follow and represent your Son Jesus among the Bosnian Muslims.
Each year 29,000 Bosniaks die without Christ.

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