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LTW Prayer Calendar / July 10 / Miao
Population: 2,130,000
Hub: China
Religion: Ethnic Religion
% Christian: %
Description: The Miao consist of more than 21 tribes who live in the Guizhou province. Few groups have maintained their culture and language, many integrated with the Chinese majority. With a past of intense ethnic persecution during the Ming Dynasty, the Miao now reside in the inhospitable mountains in southern China.

Prayer Points:
• Music is always at the center of Miao celebrations and social gatherings. Pray that Christian musicians and worshippers would be sent to attract Miao people to Jesus through the praise of God's people.
• 20.5% of the Guizhou Province population is made up of the Miao and Hmong people. Pray for spiritual breakthrough in this province; that the Miao would know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
• There are few to no workers among the Miao people. Pray the Lord of the harvest to thrust forth workers here.

A Prayer: Father, we pray that the light of Your face shine upon the Miao people today. Give them encounters with the name Jesus Christ.
Each year 19,000 Miao die without Christ.

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