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LTW Prayer Calendar / April 28 / Lodha
Population: 6,641,000
Hub: India
Religion: Hinduism
% Christian: 0.25%
Resources: NT, JF
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 130
Description: The Lodha are an agricultural community in Central India who claim descent from the warrior "varna" in the Hindu caste system (called Kshatriyas or Rajputs). Though they are considered peasants today they are gradually elevating their economic status, and thus their social standing as well.

Prayer Points:
• The Lodha worship deities such as Hanuman, the monkey God, and Kali, the black goddess of destruction. Pray for deliverance from spiritual bondage in the power and authority of the name of Jesus.
• The Lodha have caste councils at the village level and regional levels, which they call "the Assembly". Pray that Christ might be welcomed into these leadership councils and that Jesus might be declared Lord over all.
• Many Lodha follow the Radhasoami sect of Hinduism which center around a guru (spiritual teacher) and his devotees. Pray that many of these gurus might have an encounter with the one true God and lead their followers into the Kingdom of Christ.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may the name that is above every name be declared and honored among the Lodha. May they find hope in Christ alone.
Each year 60,000 Lodha die without Christ.

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