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LTW Prayer Calendar / January 18 / Fur
Population: 986,000
Hub: Sudan
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.00%
Resources: JF
Engaged: No
Workers Needed: 20
Description: The Fur are a Nilo-Saharan people who have inhabited their traditional homeland in Western Sudan from ancient times. They are a sedentary people whose farming lifestyle has brought them into violent conflict with the nomadic Baggara people, whose cattle need access to water and grazing land.

Prayer Points:
• Ministry to the Fur is extremely difficult and there is no active church planting ministry among them. Pray for opportunities for long-term outreach to emerge and for couragous missionary teams to be raised up.
• Thousands of Fur were massacred in the 2003 Darfur conflict and their lands seized by neighboring tribes. Pray that this mistreatment by Muslim Arabs might cause them to question the deception of Islam and lead them to the Prince of Peace.
• The Fur are proud of their Muslim heritage and their status in society relates to their knowledge of the Quran, which they begin studying in earnest at age six. Pray that the Scriptures might be translated into their language, and that they might eagerly desire to know God's plan of salvation in Jesus.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may your love for the Fur become known among them through the faithful witness of your people in their midst.
Each year 9,000 Fur die without Christ.

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