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LTW Prayer Calendar / December 18 / Iraqi Bedouin
Population: 1,460,000
Hub: Iraq
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.00%
Resources: NT, GR
Engaged: No
Workers Needed: 100
Description: The Iraqi Bedouin live primarily in the Southern part of Iraq. Large numbers can be found near the port city of Basra. Their travels through the desert are largely in pursuit of water sources for their herds of camels and sheep.

Prayer Points:
• Many Iraqi Bedouins are considered "stateless" citizens and are without ID cards. As a result they can be imprisoned on suspicion of being terrorists if caught in cities. Pray that the Iraqi Bedouins might find their true identity in Christ and look to him alone for their hope and security.
• Due to the many wars fought in Iraq, Bedouins are in constant danger from hidden mines that can kill lives or destroy their livestock. Pray for specialized ministry to assist the Bedouins in identifying and clearing these explosives.
• Iraqi Bedouins have taken a strong stand against Islamic terrorist groups and have made a major contribution in fighting them. Pray that both young and old warriors among the Iraqi Bedouin might be reserved for the proclamation of the Lord Jesus throughout Iraq and the Middle East.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, open a highway for the gospel to advance among every Iraqi Bedouin family, clan and tribe. May your healing hands touch their land and bring them lasting peace.
Each year 13,000 Iraqi Bedouin die without Christ.

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