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LTW Prayer Calendar / December 17 / Syrian Bedouin
Population: 1,500,000
Hub: Syria
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.00%
Resources: NT, JF
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 40
Description: Syrian Bedouin make up around 12% of the population of Syria and have special reservations in the Syrian parliament. Though many have been forced by the government to settle in towns, many maintain their pastoral lifestyle and a strong tribal loyalty which unites them.

Prayer Points:
• Bedouin life in Syria has undergone enormous strain with intrusions from non- Bedouins into their traditional lands which are draining water tables and degrading the land with modern technology. Pray for specialized ministry that will help address these needs with the compassion of Christ.
• The Bedouin's livelihood is under threat by rogue militias in need of resources for the Syrian war. Pray for peace to come to Syria and that God might use this situation to draw those he is calling to salvation in the Prince of Peace.
• Thousands of Syrian Bedouins have become refugees in Jordan and Turkey but they are often not given aid because they refuse to register or stay in official camps. Pray for those seeking to reach out to them that they would find open doors and hearts to God's word.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, our hearts break for the suffering of the Syrian Bedouins but you alone have the answer. Send your Holy Spirit into their midst and draw them into the redemptive love of your Son Jesus.
Each year 14,000 Syrian Bedouins die without Christ.

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