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LTW Prayer Calendar / May 6 / Afghan Tajik
Population: 8,250,000
Hub: Afghanistan
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.01%
Resources: NT, JF
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 150
Description: The Afghan Tajiks are the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, and constitute about one-third of the population. Their language Dari is a close dialect of Farsi, spoken by Persians in Iran. Dari is also the predominate trade language of Afghanistan.

Prayer Points:
• Tajiks in Afghanistan suffered greatly at the hands of the Muslim Pashtun. Pray for reconciliation between Pashtu and Tajik believers in Jesus, that would demonstrate a powerful witness of love to all.
• Many Afghan Tajiks are watching satellite gospel broadcasting created by Iranian believers. Pray that a similar movement to Christ which is sweeping Iran might happen among the Tajiks, and for Persian missionaries to be sent among them to make disciples.
• The Tajiks have significant influence over half the population of Iran who speak their language as their mother-tongue, such as the Hazaras, Aimaqs and many Pashtun. Pray that God might use the Tajiks as a bridge people for the gospel to cross over from Persians into all the peoples of Afghanistan.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may the Afghan Tajiks embrace your eternal purposes in Christ and receive the fullness of power and grace you have destined for them in your kingdom.
Each year 74,000 Afghan Tajik die without Christ.

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