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LTW Prayer Calendar / July 25 / Luoluopo
Population: 436,000
Hub: China
Religion: Ethnic
% Christian: 0.05%
Resources: None
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 7
Description: The Luoluopo are a sub-group of the Yi people cluster in China. Their name refers to the "tiger-dragon" in their own language, a creature which they fear and worship. The Luoluopo believe they descend from tigers.

Prayer Points:
• The Luoluopo were once a powerful people in the Southeastern region of China's Yunnan province. Continual encroachment by Chinese settlers discplaced them from the fertile areas in which they lived. Today the Luolopo have a generally low self-esteem about themselves. Pray that they might find their true identity and worth in God's Kingdom.
• Luoloupo young people are encouraged to be promiscuous with one another before marriage, and even up until the birth of a young woman's first baby. Pray that this practice might be replaced with Biblical principles of sexual purity and righteousness before God.
• Although there are a handful of believers among the Luoluopo in several townships, the result of Catholic missionary work a century ago, 98% of the Luoluopo tribe have never heard the gospel. Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit to open doors for evangelism in every community.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may your power visit the Luoluopo people and bring them true freedom, hope and deliverance in Jesus.
Each year 4,000 Luoluopo die without Christ.

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