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LTW Prayer Calendar / August 15 / Thai Khmer
Population: 1,479,000
Hub: Thailand
Religion: Buddhism
% Christian: 1.00%
Resources: NT, JF, GR
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 25
Description: The Thai Khmer, also known as the Norther Khmer, live along the Thailand/Cambodian border. They have inhabited this region for many centuries and have a distinct Khmer identity and culture, apart from the Thai who arrived much later in the area.

Prayer Points:
• Many of the younger Thai Khmer have migrated to Bangkok, capaital of Thailand, for work. Pray that they might encounter Jesus in this great city and stay protected from its vices.
• The breakthrough among the Khmer in Cambodia has not yet impacted the Northern Khmer. Pray for Cambodian evangelists and pastors to be sent into Thailand to reach the Thai Khmer.
• The Thai Khmer are known for their practice of sorcery. Pray for deliverance from the powers of darkness through Jesus.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may the Thai Khmer experience your love in all its fullness. Let their land resound with the praises of your son Jesus.
Each year 13,000 Thai Khmer die without Christ.

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