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LTW Prayer Calendar / February 27 / Bobo Madare
Population: 465,000
Hub: Burkina Faso
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.01%
Workers Needed: 0
Description: The Bobo Madare are one of the earliest inhabitants of Burkina Faso. Their language is related to the Mande people of West Africa. They are primarily subsistence farmers, growing sorghum, yams and maize.

Prayer Points:
• The Bobo are a decentralized tribe, with each village functioning independently from one another, and led by the head of an extended family lineage. Pray for the salvation of these leaders and for their openness to seeing the church established among them.
• The Bobo have mixed their animistic beliefs with Islam. Pray that their traditional culture, worship practices, and name for the Creator might be redeemed by the gospel, and might glorify Jesus.
• The Bobo social structure which included slaves and occupational castes was disrupted by the influence of colonialism. Pray for the remnants of these castes, to find their true identity in Christ.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, may your compassion and mercy flow among the Bobo Madare, healing their wounds, preserving what is good, and revitalizing their uniqueness and creatvity in Jesus.
Each year 4,000 Bobo Madare die without Christ.

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