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LTW Prayer Calendar / June 23 / Pattani Malay
Population: 1,059,000
Hub: Thailand
Religion: Islam
% Christian: 0.00%
Workers Needed: 0
Description: The Pattani Malay, also known as the Thai Malay, are a large group of Malay speakers who live in Southern Thailand. There is a separatist movement among them which has led to constant turmoil.

Prayer Points:
• The Thai Malay have been the most accessible Malay population over the last two decades, with the greatest degree of freedom to proclaim the gospel. Pray that many believers in Thailand and around the world might make the most of this opportunity to reach them for Jesus.
• Heavy drug-use among young people has led several ministries to establish rehabilitation programs. Pray that those they are serving might be set free through the power of Jesus and might become a testimony to their families and communities.
• The upsurve in radical Islam in Malaysia has affected the Pattani and could one day affect ministry among them. Pray that these forces might be driven back and for stability to come to this land.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, send the Prince of Peace to the Pattani people. May his love captivate their hearts and bring them hope.
Each year 10,000 Pattani Malay die without Christ.

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