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LTW Prayer Calendar / July 20 / Nisu
Population: 742,000
Hub: China
Religion: Ethnic
% Christian: 0.18%
Resources: None
Engaged: Yes
Workers Needed: 12
Description: The Nisu are one of the major ethnicities included in the Yi people cluster. They live primarily in China's Yunnan province, near the border of Laos and Vietnam.

Prayer Points:
• The Nisu are divided into four major sub-groups, each of which have their own dialects in which evangelistic resources will need to be created. As of yet their are still no published scriptures in any of these dialects. Pray for a team of translators and media developers to be called by God to address this need.
• A few missionaries worked among the Nisu before the communist takeover of China, resulting in a handful of believers. Pray that the descendants of this work might receive an outpouring of God's spirit.
• The Nisu use crosses with blood on them from a sacrifice to ward off evil from their villages. Pray that this cultural symbol might be redeemed and that the Nisu might come to know the power of God's ultimate and complete sacrifice in the person of His son Jesus.

A Prayer: Heavenly Father, one day the Nisu will be filled with your praises and will glorify you name. By your spirit we pray that this day might become a reality in our generation.
Each year 7,000 Nisu die without Christ.

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